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Life and Legacy Planning

At Reisner Law Group, PLLC we know how challenging it can be to approach the issues associated with the mortality of ourselves and our loved ones.  We know how challenging it can be to pass a business, or significant wealth on from one generation to the next in a way that passes your values in addition to your valuables.  That's why we strive to give you everything you need to enable you to live the best life possible through all of those challenging times, and leave your ideal legacy.  We are an elder law firm that gives you the resources you need to accomplish all of those objectives, and more.  Whether it be through advanced life and legacy planning, business succession planning, trust administration, or probate, take heart in knowing that when it comes to your life, your business, and your legacy, we are here for you in Syracuse, throughout Onondaga County, and all of Central New York including Cortland, Madison, Oswego, and Cayuga Counties.  In the today's fast changing world one thing never changes, the value of Peace of Mind.  

We are a service oriented firm that is dedicated to Asset Protection, Estate Planning, and Elder law, and focused on helping our client's achieve peace of mind.  We emphasize value and always prefer to work collaboratively with your team of trusted financial professionals to be certain that all of your goals and objectives are met.  We welcome your financial and insurance professionals or CPA's to attend  any and all of your appointments with our office because we believe that collaboration enhances your experience with our firm, and creates the best possible result for you.  The end result is excellence in all aspects of our practice, and the delivery of extraordinarily high value to you and your family.       

If you are looking for a firm to help you learn everything you need about estate planning, select the best plan to suit your needs,and customize that plan to meet your individual situation, all while establishing and nurturing a lifelong and multi-generational representation of your family, you've come to the right place.  Give us a call and you'll see how different we are from firms you've dealt with in the past.  Simply put, at Reisner Law Group, it is our mission to help you achieve the Peace that only comes from knowing that you've planned for every contingency, and come what may, your business and legacy will be preserved and protected for those you love. 

Call us today to take the next step on your journey to peace of mind, wealth preservation, and protecting and providing for your family!   


Your Peace of Mind is our Goal,

Medicaid Crisis Planning

When the time comes when your loved one must enter a nursing home to get the level of care that they need, the situation is dire. There is no telling how long they may need to stay in the nursing home, and if they are not medicaid eligible, the cost of nursing home care will burn through their assets at an alarming rate of approximately $100,000 per year. Couple that with an average nursing home stay of 2.8 years, and unless you have a quarter of a million dollars to spare, you are facing a true life and legacy crisis. We can help you save the assets at risk, but immediate and decisive action is necessary . . .

Learn more about Medicaid Crisis Planning ...

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